WRAPThe Weatherization Repayment Assistance Program (WRAP) may be able to help you. WRAP is intended to assist both homeowners and renters in Vermont in pursuing home weatherization projects by allowing them to pay for the costs over time through a low-interest monthly charge on their utility bill. 

WRAP assists with projects like insulation and air sealing a well as heat pumps, electric water heaters and advanced wood heating systems.  

Through WRAP, we can help Vermonters make their homes more comfortable, save money on their energy bills and reduce emissions to help address climate change.

How does WRAP work?

Vermonters interested in WRAP should contact the Program Administrators at Vermont Gas Systems, Burlington Electric Department or Efficiency Vermont. They will work with you on completing a home energy audit to identify potential weatherization measures, evaluate your project for rebates and incentives they offer, and estimate potential energy savings. If your project is approved and you decide to move forward, they will connect you with an approved contractor.

Vermont Housing Finance Agency (VHFA) works behind the scenes to cover some or all of the remaining up front costs of the project. 

After the project is completed, the WRAP charge will be added as a separate line item on the utility bill by your gas or electric provider, which will be paid back to VHFA over several years.

Currently, only homes that are serviced by Burlington Electric Department, Green Mountain Power, Ludlow Electric, Vermont Electric Coop or Vermont Gas Systems can participate in the on-bill program. We hope to continue adding new utility providers to the program soon.   

For more details, review the FAQ page.

Benefits of WRAP:

  • Reduces upfront costs - Paying back costs on the utility bill over a multiyear period can greatly reduce or eliminate the upfront costs participants must pay for a weatherization project.  
  • Special VHFA incentives - WRAP participants may be eligible for VHFA incentives to reduce their out of pocket costs, in addition to the incentives and rebates offered by your utility provider.*
  • No credit checks - VHFA will not use credit scores for approving projects. Instead, your utility bill payment history will be used to verify your eligibility.
  • One less bill payment - Instead of paying a separate loan amount every month, the WRAP charge will be added to your existing utility bill payment. 
  • Payment tied to the meter – Since WRAP funding is tied to the meter, the customer is only obligated to pay the charge for the length of time that they live at the property. Once a customer moves, the new occupants of the property will pay the surcharge for the time they occupy the property and benefit from having lower net energy costs.

*Each project is reviewed on an individual basis. Not all projects will be eligible for all incentives.


How to get started


Vermont Gas Systems

If your home is serviced by Vermont Gas Systems (VGS), please visit their website or call (802) 863-4511.


Burlington Electric

If you are a Burlington Electric Department (BED) customer who is not a Vermont Gas Customer, please visit their website or call 802-865-7300.


Efficiency Vermont

For all other customers please visit Efficiency Vermont's website or call 1-888-921-5990.


Questions for VHFA? Send us an email