By: Leslie Black-Plumeau


It’s VHFA 50th birthday! VHFA was created by Act 260 in the Vermont General Assembly and signed into law by Governor Thomas P. Salmon on April 11, 1974.  

Monday’s solar eclipse was a cosmic lead-up to celebrating VHFA's energy and impact. During the course of its history, VHFA has helped 31,000 Vermont families buy their first home and financed the development of 9,600 affordable apartments across the state.  

Conventional mortgages made in the early 1970s were typically for 20 years and required 20 percent down payment. VHFA’s first sale of bonds in 1974 provided mortgages to 600 Vermont households for 25-year terms with as little as 5 percent down. In this way, a new era of mortgage lending for young, first-time Vermont home buyers was born.  

Constantly innovating to lower the cost of buying and renting decent, energy-efficient homes for Vermonters, VHFA now provides a wide range of financial tools and resources. Learn more at vhfa.org and housingdata.org.