By: Alexis Carpenter

November 16, 2023

Vermont Housing Finance Agency (VHFA) is recruiting for an MF Asset Management & Compliance officer, as well as an MF Building and Design Analysis Specialist. Named one of the “Best Small/Medium Places to Work in Vermont” several times over the last few years, VHFA offers a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package.

VHFA Is Hiring

As the MF Building and Design Analysis Specialist, you will support VHFA’s Asset Management and Compliance and Development teams in ensuring compliance with state, federal, and best practices for building standards. Responsible for completing comprehensive property inspections of VHFA’s existing and occupied properties, this position will ensure proper ongoing maintenance and condition of projects and assess them for any needed repairs, safety upgrades, or capital improvements.

As the MF Asset Management and Compliance officer, you will be Responsible for asset management and compliance on a portion of the multifamily rental housing projects in the VHFA portfolio. This involves monitoring both their financial and physical well-being in addition to providing ongoing management advice and guidance on all aspects of the successful operation of low- and moderate-income rental units. Also responsible for initiating workouts and financial restructuring for portfolio loans.

VHFA is an equal-opportunity employer and is committed to a diverse workplace. We highly encourage women, persons with disabilities, LGBTQ people, and people from diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds to apply.

For a detailed job description, salary range, and benefits overview for this position, please see VHFA's website. To apply, send a cover letter (required), resume, and references to the Human Resources Department at [email protected]. The position will be open until filled.