By: Leslie Black-Plumeau

At the Barre Elk's Lodge last week, over 200 small-scale home builders, investors and community leaders celebrated the completion of the new "Homes for All" Toolkit. Published by the Vermont Department of Housing & Community Development, the workbook is intended to activate incremental development and gentle-infill by giving new developers and community partners information for developing "Missing-Middle" homes, such as a duplex or four-plex.  


Among many Vermont counties, the vacancy rate among rental homes is at an all-time low. The toolkit is one of several recent new strategies launched by state leaders to meet the state's growing housing needs.

A "Design & Do" toolkit, the workbook provides a road map for first-time real estate developers, a missing-middle home type design guide, and case studies of neighborhood infill in five Vermont communities

Pictured: Zak Hale (Hale Resources), Jonah Richard (Village Ventures), Evan Oleson (Northern Forest Center), Lilli West (Maple Leaf Realty) and Amy Tomasso (Vermont Department of Housing and Community Development) discuss developing and managing small-scale housing in Vermont.