By: Alexis Carpenter


VHFA's Commitment to Community Engagement

At the Vermont Housing Finance Agency (VHFA), we believe in the power of community engagement and the positive impact it can bring to our surroundings. Our employees are encouraged to dedicate their time to volunteer activities, and their contributions this past year have been both inspiring and transformative. Here's a glimpse into the remarkable volunteer efforts of some of our team members.


Revitalizing Winooski with Seth Leonard

 Seth Leonard dedicated his volunteer hours to Downtown Winooski, a pivotal organization in enhancing local infrastructure and community development. From assisting in the crucial transition to a new Executive Director to strengthening event organization and financial structures, Seth’s involvement has been pivotal. Under the new leadership of Melissa Corbin, Downtown Winooski continues to thrive, reflecting the spirit of its community through events like Winooski Wednesdays and the much-loved Blingo. Seth's commitment to his community is a prime example of how VHFA supports impactful local engagement.


Enhancing Community Spaces with Nate Lantieri

Nate Lantieri's efforts have brought light and life back to Champlain Street Park, a cherished public space in the King/Maple neighborhood. By organizing community events, including a special day of reflection and celebration, Nate and his neighbors have fostered a sense of safety and belonging in the area. With the park’s redevelopment on the horizon, Nate’s ongoing dedication exemplifies how small, consistent actions can lead to substantial community benefits.


Supporting Mental Health with Maura Collins

Maura Collins has offered unwavering support to Pathways Vermont, a nonprofit providing crucial mental health services across the state. Her leadership and strategic input over the years, especially during the recent all-day strategic planning retreat, have helped shape the organization’s direction. Maura’s commitment to the Housing First model and peer support principles has significantly contributed to improving lives across Vermont.


Building Futures with Sara Everest

Sara Everest chose to lend her skills to Habitat for Humanity’s “Dykes with Drills” Community Build Day. This initiative not only constructs homes but also builds community and empowers individuals. By participating in this event, Sara helped further Habitat for Humanity’s mission to ensure everyone has a decent place to live, demonstrating the profound impact of hands-on volunteer work.


A Collective Force for Good

 These stories are just a few examples of how VHFA employees are making a difference in their communities. By supporting these efforts, VHFA not only aids in the betterment of Vermont’s communities but also fosters a culture of compassion and cooperation among its staff. We are proud of the dedication our team shows not just in their professional roles but also in their personal commitment to service.


We invite everyone to join us in this celebration of volunteerism and community spirit. Whether by participating in future events or simply by supporting these initiatives in spirit, your involvement makes a difference. Together, we continue to build stronger, more vibrant communities for all.