Homebuyer education

VHFA requires at least one borrower to complete pre-purchase homebuyer education within 18 months before closing using one of the following approved options. After completing education, give your completion certificate to your lender as proof you completed the VHFA homebuyer education requirement.

Fees may apply depending on the provider you choose.  

OPTION 1: Online Homebuyer Education

Looking to complete education online? CLICK BELOW to register for education using one of these online providers.

OPTION 2: VT-Based Homebuyer Workshop and Counseling

Looking for something more IN-DEPTH and VERMONT-FOCUSED? Non-profit HomeOwnership Centers around the state offer HUD-approved homebuyer education and counseling to help you learn about:

Click HERE to find the HomeOwnership Center nearest you and register for Homebuyer Education and Counseling.

Please note, homebuyer education is NOT required if at least one borrower owned an interest in a residential property within 3 years prior to closing. Verification of previous ownership to waive the VHFA homebuyer education requirement must be provided prior to loan approval. If education is completed more than 18 month prior to the loan closing date or education does not meet the above requirements, the borrower will be required to retake education at their own expense. For questions, please contact your lender.

*Subject to change.


Landlord education

Buying a Duplex or Single-Family with an Accessory Dwelling Unit?


If you are purchasing a 2-unit, duplex or a single-family with an accessory dwelling unit, some programs may require landlord education in addition to homebuyer education. Your VHFA Participating Lender will help you determine if landlord education is necessary and help you locate an online course that will meet the requirement. After completing landlord education, provide the completion certificate to your lender as soon as possible.