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Properties for Public Sale

Public Sales/Auctions may be canceled at any time prior to the scheduled date and time.

General terms of sale consist of the following:

  • The property will be sold to the highest qualified bidder, who will pay a deposit amount of at least $10,000 at sale in cash, certified, treasurer’s or cashier’s check. Contact the attorney listed in the Notice of Public Sale for other bidding requirements.
  • The successful bidder will be required to sign a Purchase Agreement with NO CONTINGENCIES except court confirmation of the sale, as applicable.
  • The successful bidder will pay the balance of the purchase price within a time frame set by VHFA. The date to pay in full will be either within ten (10) days of the public sale/auction date, or ten (10) days from the date the Vermont Superior Court issues an Order of Confirmation, as applicable. NOTE: If the successful bidder fails to complete the purchase as required by the Purchase Contract, the deposit amount will be forfeited.
  • The property is sold “AS IS, WHERE IS, WITH ALL FAULTS” and the successful bidder is required to purchase the property regardless of any title defects, environmental hazards and whether or not the property is in compliance with local, state or federal land use laws, regulations or permits.
  • The property may be subject to rights of parties in possession.
  • Sales for properties in foreclosure are exempt from federal lead based hazards disclosure, 24 CFR Section 35.82.
  • Certain sales are performed according to the terms and conditions f Judgments and Decrees of Foreclosure by Judicial Sale and Notices of Sale.

Other terms may be announced at the sale. For additional information, use contact information shown in the following table:

Address Property Type Public Sale Date and Time Contact
15 Bay View Lane, Lake St
Shoreham, VT
Mobile Home Friday 04/07/2017
11:00 AM
Thomas Hirchak Co
(800) 634-7653
Email for more information
12 Fourth Street
Fair Haven, VT
Single Family Tuesday 04/11/2017
Thomas Hirchak Co
(800) 634-7653
Email for more information
1450 Bruce Badger Memorial
Danville, VT
Single Family Wednesday 04/12/2017
Polly Thibault
(802) 652-3419
Email for more information