Pre-purchase Homebuyer Education

VHFA requires at least one borrower to complete homebuyer education and counseling prior to closing for all mortgage programs.

For borrowers obtaining down payment and closing cost assistance from any source, education and counseling must be completed with a local Vermont Homeownership Center. You can enroll in online education or go directly to the Homeownership Center site to sign up for in-person education. Once education is completed one-on-one counseling is scheduled with the Homeownership Center.

For borrowers not obtaining down payment and closing cost assistance, education and counseling completed must meet HUD-approved standards.  Use the buttons to the right to select an online course option.

Benefits of Homebuyer Education

Complete the homebuyer education early in the process to put what is learned to practical use from the very beginning:

  • Learn to calculate how much home you can afford.
  • Become familiar with home buying terminology.
  • Familiarizes yourself with the home buying process.
  • Understand the steps to reach key milestones like when a purchase and sale agreement is signed, when a home inspection occurs, what is the lender appraisal and more.
  • Introduces budget planning resources to use once you are a homeowner.

To sign up for in person education click here to find the Homeownership Center closest to you and access the Homeownership Center website for a class schedule and registration instructions.

Homebuyer education checklist:

  • Select course option either online (click on one of the buttons above) or in-person (go directly to website for the Homeownership Center, access a list here)
  • Complete the online or in-person course
  • Schedule and complete a one-on-one counseling session
  • Obtain homebuyer education certificate
  • Provide a copy of your certificate to your lender before closing